I am a Parisian-Egyptian living between three beautiful cities Cairo, Paris and Istanbul. I first got a degree in Business Management, and then I studied Fashion Merchandising at Esmod in Paris. I’ve worked in the fashion world for the last 20 years as a model, buyer, consultant for luxury good brands to name a few: Dior, Christian La Croix, Jean Louis Scherrer, Chantal Thomas. I also have my own travel company, Tiy Travel, which specializes in travel design, consulting for different important travel houses. I decided to study to become a certified Style Coach™ because I became aware of the importance of the link between body and mind. The way we see ourselves on the outside has a huge effect on how we see ourselves on the inside, and vice –versa! It is making use of this key understanding that makes Style Coach™ so transformational!

More about me!
On a less formal note! I happen to be a networking-fashion-design-travel-lifestyle freak. I love working with people and my passion is to motivate and encourage them to become the person they want to be and to live the life they deserve! Book a consultation now.
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