Image Consulting/Personal Styling

As your personal stylist I'll help you create an image that is modern, stylish and above all one that works for you, something you are comfortable with that suits your body shape and your lifestyle.

My aim is to discover the perfect balance between the outward appearance of a person and their true inner self. This process, where I focus absolutely on the client, is a privileged and very personal moment for them. This service can be for you or as a special gift for someone else.

We provide:
• A complete style makeover or a complete change of wardrobe.
• Makeovers for any upcoming special occasion in your private or professional life.
• Personal shopping.

For these services we also give each client a personalized booklet based on the consultations. This will also include a tailor-made shopping guide based on a diverse collection of carefully selected boutiques in Istanbul and Paris.

We can also provide a follow-up service at the beginning of each season to provide continuity and evolution of your personal style all year round.

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